Cruyff: Barca era is not over

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has rubbished the notion that the Catalan giants' era has come to an end.

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By FOX Sports Staff

Barcelona were dumped out of the Champions League after losing to Bayern Munich on a 7-0 aggregate in the semi-finals, prompting headlines declaring an end to the Catalan side's dominance after years of major trophies.

However, Cruyff, the man who revolutionised football at Barcelona by assembling the 'Dream Team' during his managerial stint in the 1990s, rubbished the notion that the club are done winning.

"[The end of an era] doesn't exist; it's just a piece of nonsense someone said," the 66-year-old insisted to AS.

"It's simply a matter of mistakes made by the club's directors. That happens."

Former Barcelona manager boss Pep Guardiola then highlighted the thin line between winning and losing in the game and insists he does not see himself as superior to other coaches.

"I'm not better than any other coach. Success and failure are part of the game, and I have won and lost as a coach and as a player," the Spaniard told reporters in Argentina.

"As a coach, the secret is to push the right button for every player. You can only paint pictures; when the game begins, everything is in my players' hands."

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