Deco: Mourinho has done more than Pep

Former Barcelona player Deco believes that Jose Mourinho has accomplished more as a manager than Pep Guardiola.

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The two managers shared a fierce rivalry over the past years in La Liga with Guardiola's Barcelona coming out on top on three occasions before Mourinho masterminded Real Madrid's title win last season.

Deco, who has not worked with either manager having left Barcelona right before Guardiola took over and joined Chelsea right after Mourinho left the club, believes that the latter has accomplished more as a manager having won the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan and won the league in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain.

However, Deco feels that Guardiola, who is currently on a one-year hiatus, should not be written off as yet and should be judged better after his future accomplishments.

"Winning in each place, like Mourinho's done, is more difficult. Guardiola is a great coach but I still say he didn't invent anything at Barcelona. But we'll see how he does in the future when he's in charge of other teams; then we'll be able to make a better assessment", Deco told Portuguese channel RTP.

Deco also feels that the Ballon d'Or battle between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is too close to tell, with the latter starting the year better while the former ended the year by breaking a slew of goalscoring records.

"Cristiano was the best player during the first part of this year and at the moment it's Messi, who's doing incredible things. So I don't know, it's really difficult", Deco said.

Deco is currently plying his trade in the Brazil with Fluminense.

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