Granero grateful for Mourinho guidance

QPR's Esteban Granero believes the experience he picked up at Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho's tutelage has been invaluable to him.

Football News: Esteban Granero

By staff

The 25-year-old left Real Madrid to join QPR after falling behind the pecking order at the Spanish side where Luka Modric joined fellow central midfielders like Kaka, Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira and Xabi Alonso over the summer.

Recalling his time at the Spanish capital side, Granero was especially grateful to Mourinho, whom he felt was always looking out for his players' interest.

"He [Mourinho] has always wanted what's best for me," the 25-year-old told Marca. "He didn't want me to leave, but he understood.

"He wished me the best, he gave me good advice and he helped with my decisions. I have good memories of him.

"He told me I was going to be happy, and I thought so too. His opinion was important.

"We exchange the odd message and I think a lot of him. He's taught me a lot.

"He's a great manager and he treated me well."

Granero's QPR career hasn't started off well with the club rock bottom in the league without a win, but he insists that he is happy at the club and believes that things will turn for the better.

"I'm very happy," said Granero. "So far, the results haven't been the best, but they will be. It's going to be a very good season.

"All I want is for time to pass slowly because I'm happy," he added.

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