Papin: Benzema's play annoys me

Marseille legend Jean-Pierre Papin believes Real Madrid's Karim Benzema would score more goals if he positioned himself in the penalty box more often.

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After a barren European Championship campaign with France, Benzema has scored just one La Liga goal for Real Madrid in this campaign.

As a former striker, Papin urged his compatriot to place himself nearer to the goal-mouth in order to increase his chances of hitting the back of the net.

"I'm a bit surprised with the way Karim plays for France and Real Madrid. He's a striker, but I never see him in front of goal," he remarked.

"[Olivier] Giroud only played three minutes against Spain, but got in front of goal three times and scored."

While some players have managed to achieve a respectable goal tally despite playing outside the box, the 1991 European Footballer of the Year believed Benzema's skills would see him better suited to a penalty box poacher role.

"You're either a player like Cristiano Ronaldo who drops deep to collect the ball and then dribbles past a number of opponents before scoring, or you're a real striker and in front of the goal is where you are at your best," Papin explained.

"You can't drift out wide all the time, that's simply impossible. The more I see him play for France, the less he gets into dangerous positions. That kind of annoys me."

Real Madrid travel to Borussia Dortmund for their Champions League Group D clash Wednesday.

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