Bilardo: Messi can't be stopped

Estudiantes legend Carlos Bilardo believes it is almost impossible to dispossess Barcelona's Lionel Messi while he is running with the ball.

Alonso trips Messi in full flight!

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Despite being part of a star-studded line-up in Barcelona, Messi has continued to outshine his team-mates with his performances this season.

Bilardo, the general manager of the Argentinean national team, declared that there was no legal way to halt the Barcelona player while he was in full flight. 

"You have to see him in training and see him really take off," he shared with AS

"He goes from 0-50 km/h in a second. The only way to stop him is to kick him. If you don't, you can't stop him."

The former midfielder also marvelled at how Messi seemed to integrate the ball as part of his body during a dribble, and he believed the 25-year old could only be stopped by a defender that managed to anticipate his movements.

"For him, the ball is like an extra bone in his body, and he runs with the ball as if he didn't even have it with him," Bilardo remarked.

"Once he gets going, forget it, you won't catch him. You have to follow his footsteps before then because he'll beat you by 10 metres. He has unbelievable pace. He's at his best in the final third, he's unstoppable in that area of the pitch."

As the manager of the Argentina side that triumphed during the 1986 World Cup, Bilardo considered it necessary for Messi to receive more assistance from other players in the national squad before Alejandro Sabella's team would achieve success.

"If Messi is in good shape and if there's another great player in the team, Argentina will be able to do great things in the World Cup, but first of all they have to qualify," he said.

"The other day [against Uruguay] he played very well with [Sergio] Aguero and [Angel] Di Maria. They play excellent one-touch football, sometimes it looks as though they're going to lose the ball, but they always get there with their toe, and keep hold of the ball."

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