Mourinho wants Fergie longevity

Jose Mourinho hopes that he can remain coaching in the top level of football for the next two decades like Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho, Ferguson

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Mourinho, who will turn 50 in January, has indicated that he is keen to carry on coaching past retirement age - simply because of the enjoyment that comes with being involved in football.

"I understand perfectly why Alex is still in the job [at the age of 70] and I think I will be the same," he said to Sky Sports.

"I love football so much, I love coaching so much. I will still be very young when I become 50 and I believe I have a lot in front of me."

Mourinho has won the league title with Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid - only the fourth coach, after Tomislav Ivić, Ernst Happel, and Giovanni Trapattoni, to do so, but the Portugues believes there is still more to come from him.

"Fifty is a number with a certain impact - it's a number I believe sometimes has a psychologically negative impact on many people because they realise the world spins very, very fast and our lives are very, very short.

"It's a number that makes me think and look back but also look forward too. I'm such a happy person because what I have done so far I think is amazing."

"I look back and reflect on this and have to be thankful for what God gave me," added the ex-Porto boss.

"But at the same time I look forward and I feel myself better than ever, stronger than ever, with more experience and I think I'm still at the beginning of my professional life."

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