"Messi 100 times better than Ronaldo"

Former Real Betis striker Gabriel Amato has weighed in on the Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo debate by declaring the Argentinean as being "a hundred times better".

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By ESPNSTAR.com staff

Amato, an Argentinean, is currently working as an assistant coach at River Plate and was recently asked the inevitable question: Who is better, Messi or Ronaldo?

"Messi. A hundred times better. Cristiano is a great player, but I think that as Maradona said here in Argentina, Messi is different. As Diego also said, Neymar or Cristiano can be the best players in the world, because Messi is out of this world," he was quoted on Marca.com as saying.

"He's an incredible player. He doesn't touch the ball for a few minutes, then he suddenly takes two steps and scores two goals.

"They're different, but he's far better".

However, Madrid supporters of Ronaldo will quickly point out that the Portuguese recently led Real to the Spanish Super Cup over Messi's Barcelona.

"Barcelona leaves a lot of space at the back. Last season's Barca was more solid. They have to regain and maintain that solidness at the back," Amato said.

"I think that Real Madrid signed some interesting players, but I want to see how they progress in the league. We'll have to see how Barcelona plays under its new manager [Tito Vilanova]."

Late last month, UEFA named Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta as the best player in Europe at an awards ceremony in Monaco.

Iniesta was chosen ahead of club-mate Messi and rival Ronaldo.

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