Malaga upset at Real, Barca fixture bias

Malaga manager Manuel Pellegrini has hit out at La Liga officials for what he perceives to be biased fixture scheduling.

Football News: Barcelona vs Malaga

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The Andalusian side are slated to host Mallorca in a La Liga fixture on Saturday night. However, Pellegrini's squad will have to travel to Greece to take on Panathinaikos in a Champions League qualifier the following Tuesday.

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The Malaga boss hinted to Marca his belief that domestic giants Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia would never have been subjected to such a congested fixture calendar.

"Let's see if other teams like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia play on a Saturday at 23:00 if they then need to play a Champions League game the following Tuesday," Pellegrini stated.

Calling for La Liga officials to take other clubs' concerns into consideration, Pellegrini declared such arrangements to be detrimental to La Liga's reputation.

"Let's see down the line if other teams are scheduled to play at eleven at night if they're then playing in the Champions League two days later," he said.

"I don't think they were trying to damage our chances, but I don't think they took our game into consideration. We are a group of four teams representing Spain."

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