Thiago: Vilanova knows his tactics

Barcelona midfielder Thiago believes that Tito Vilanova can carry on from where Pep Guardiola leaves as he was often responsible for their tactical analysis in the past.

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Guardiola was often heralded as a coach renowned for his understanding of the game despite his young age. Thiago believes, however, that it was the psychological aspect of the game that the former Barcelona captain was more interested in instead of the tactical one.  

According to the midfielder, the assistant coach was far more interested in the tactical study of the game. He also believes that due to Vilanova's constant presence in the dressing room, the players have grown to understand and appreciate him and they should have no problems recognising him as the new head coach for the coming season. 

The 21-year-old has come to accept Guardiola's decision to not continue as manager next season and he also admitted that he would miss the manager who gave him a shot at playing for the first team. 

"We’ve lost someone very important to us. He [Guardiola] will be the most notable absence in the dressing room. 

"[But] Tito has always been by Guardiola’s side, he knows the team perfectly and he knows what he wants. We're very accustomed to see Tito in the dressing room. We know him, and he knows us.

"I'm convinced that he'll adapt well to this new role, and we'll have no problems identifying him as the head manager. We have a lot of confidence in him.

"[Guardiola] attended to the psychological aspects of the game while Tito has guided us tactically."

Thiago bemoaned the news that captain Carles Puyol has been ruled out of the Copa del Rey final with a knee injury. He knows that it would be a difficult task to replace the consistency that Puyol brings and he hopes that the defender will still get to participate in EURO 2012, a tournament for which he also wishes to play a part in. 

"It's a very important loss for us ahead of the King's Cup final," admitted Thiago. 

"He brings consistency and a top-notch level of play to what is the best club in the world. Each person can come to their own conclusions after that.

"He has a consistency throughout each and every match, it's something that's contagious and excites you.

"Carle's commitment is amazing. He's our insignia, a leader in every regard, he exemplifies the club's values like no one else.

"[I'm sure] he will do everything he can to get to the EURO championships." 

Puyol has requested for a specially arranged press conference later on Wednesday where it has been rumoured that he could be set announce his retirement from the international game in order to focus more on his club career. 

Guardiola will be managing Barcelona for what could be the last time in the league on Sunday as Barcelona take on Real Betis in their final match of the season.

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