Messi: I'm nowhere near my peak

Despite being acknowledged as one of the world's best, Barcelona's Lionel Messi believes there is still more to come from him in future.

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After scoring his 51st goal of the season in Barcelona's latest La Liga win over Sevilla, Messi told the Sun that he is pleased with how he has progressed as a footballer over these past years.

"Year after year I've grown and improved, I was lucky to start very young and I always had very good colleagues around me as I was growing up and this has helped me and how I play." he said.

The three-time Balloon d'Or winner fired out a warning to future opposition that he is determined to become an even better player.

"Even now I think there is a lot more to come from me. I'm nowhere near my peak. I'm still young and still evolving as a player." Messi stated.

"I will never stop learning. Even when I finish playing I will never say: 'I thought I was the complete player'. "

Messi credited Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola for improving his tactical grasp on the game, an area he felt was vital in helping the team achieve their current success.

"Under Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, I have learned to play more tactically, which is what I most needed - what my game needed." he revealed.

"From the tactical point of view it's been about knowing how to stop and think on the field when we don't have the ball. And that makes us better when we have it."

The Argentinean playmaker will feature for Barcelona during their next La Liga fixture against Granada at the Camp Nou.

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