Baia: Mourinho would do well at Barca

Former Barcelona goalkeeper Vitor Baia believes that Jose Mourinho's ability to adapt to different surroundings would have seen him do well at the Catalan side.

Barking out orders from the touchline.
Baia's stint at Barcelona in 1996 to 1998 saw him work with Mourinho, who spent 1996 until 2000 under head coaches Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal as assistant coach.

The retired former Portugal international praised Mourinho's special abilities and feels that he would do well no matter where he went.

He told Esports COPE: "Mourinho would have been a good coach for Barcelona. He has the ability to adapt to every culture.

"The Mourinho we saw at Chelsea was a completely different coach than the one at Porto. And the one at Inter was again another type of coach. The Mourinho we're now seeing at Madrid is once more another type.

"He's the best coach in the world in my opinion, and he is a very special person."

Mourinho has been recently rumoured to be on the way out of Real Madrid at the end of the season due to disagreements in the board and the dressing rooms, although he has denied these allegations when asked about it.

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