Villa: Messi has helped me improve

David Villa feels that he has developed as a player after a successful debut season at Barcelona and credits his teammate Lionel Messi for the improvement.

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After moving to the Catalan side from Valencia last season, Villa has won the La Liga and Champions League title, scoring 21 goals in 40 appearances in the process.

Having to adapt to playing in a wide role in Barcelona's 4-3-3 formation instead of his usual frontman position was a challenge for the Spain international, but he has acquainted himself well thus far.

Villa told El Pais: "I have other tasks and although it is the same offensively, it is not the same in defence,

"I am proud to be doing well and to be enjoying football from a position that was not my own until recently.

"Pedro has helped me a lot. When I had doubts, I observed him. When I was a bit lost on the field, I would look to see what Pedro was doing on the other side and he would guide me."

Villa then expressed his erstwhile disbelief at Messi's ability when he first played alongside the Argentinian maestro.

"Messi is a player who demands a lot from those who are around him because you always need to be alert," he added.

"Sometimes, it seems impossible that he has seen you, but he has. You must be ready for the impossible when you are playing with Messi because, it is not about what he does, but about what he makes others do.

"Honestly, I have improved by playing next to him. In the future, when I look at photos of Messi in which I am next to him, I will be able to say: 'I played with Leo Messi'. That is a privilege."

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