Arteta: Arsenal must not be distracted

Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has urged his team mates to not be distracted when they host Wigan at the Etihad Stadium on Tuesday.

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By FOX Sports Staff

Arsenal face off against Wigan with plenty at stake for each club - Wigan would be relegated if they fail to come away with a win, while Arsenal need all three points to ensure that they can leapfrog Tottenham into fourth place in the Premier League.

Arteta hopes that the magnitude of the occasion will not be a distraction for the Gunners.

"I think we have to forget a little bit the external part of what the game means and just focus on the good things and the things that we did right on the pitch," he told Arsenal Player.

"If that is the case, I think the percentage of winning the games increases a lot. When you're thinking about other things, you can't really focus on what you're doing so that's why we have to try to manage [the game] tomorrow. For Wigan it's going to be a tough game mentally as well.

"What I like [to do] is take all that and put it in a motivation pack and use that motivation pack to carry yourself and give the best you have. [You want to] try to get the positive energy out of it, not to get yourself restricted and play with a bit of fear. That's the wrong way."

The former Everton midfielder also called on the fans to get behind the team for the crucial game.

"It's going to be difficult and it helps when you have the fans behind you," he said.

"We have examples this year when they have been absolutely magnificent. You just play with an extra man. The confidence and belief they give you just throws you forward.

"That's what we need. We need to have an atmosphere. It's the last game of the season at home and I think people are going to be up for it.

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