English hypocrisy blamed for Suarez furore

Former Tottenham player Gus Poyet has defended Liverpool's Luis Suarez in the wake of the striker's bite on Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic.

Football News: Branislav Ivanovic & Luis Suarez


The Football Association is expected to slap a lengthy ban on Suarez for his unsavoury gesture on Ivanovic during the team's Premier League meeting last weekend. 

Although the Uruguayan has apologized for his behaviour, he does not believe he deserves anything longer than a three-match ban as punishment, infuriating the majority of the English public.

Poyet told The Times that Suarez's reputation has once again worked against him and urged observers to move on from the incident.

"We exaggerate too much, Luis knows what he has done, he knows he shouldn't do it and it would be better for him, of course, not to have any more issues this year," he stated.

"There are players who have done terrible things and apologised after two minutes and been portrayed as being as a hero for apologising so quickly. Luis Suarez apologises and nobody believes the apology. It's sad. Are they living their lives by the same rules? I don't like that. There is plenty of hypocrisy in football now. "

The Brighton & Hove Albion manager also hinted that the 26-year old might be better off plying his trade in a more understanding country.

"He tried to bite someone on the arm; no harm really. A little pain. But if a player goes over the top of the ball and tries to break a leg? That's good because we are strong and we like the tackle," Poyet pointed out.

"That's where we are in England. I know where I am living, and I adapt and I live with it. I would take him somewhere else, to another country."

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