Hyypia: I will never forget Liverpool

Liverpool legend Sami Hyypia says the day he signed for the Anfield outfit was one he will never forget.

Sami Hyypia

By FOX Sports Staff

Hyypia signed for the Reds in 1999 and ended up playing over 450 games for Liverpool.

During his time there, he helped the club win numerous honours including a European Cup in 2005 and he was also part of Gerard Houllier's treble-winning team of 2001.

He eventually left in 2009 to take on a player/coach role at Bayer Leverkusen.

"The day I signed my contract with Liverpool, that's one day I will never forget because Liverpool was my favourite team when I was younger and it was a dream come true," Hyypia told BBC Sport.

"I was there a long time and I had to leave friends there - it was a bit emotional.

"Now I think of my Liverpool career with joy, especially the fans - I always had a good relationship with Liverpool fans. I guess they saw I always tried my best on the pitch.

"I made mistakes as well and hopefully they forgive me for those mistakes and hopefully I did more good things than mistakes."

Hyypia is currently joint-manager of the Bundesliga outfit alongside Sascha Lewandowski and admits he has a new found appreciation for the difficult job a manager has.

"As a player it's quite easy - this job is much more difficult," he said.

"It's quite funny being on the other side now to see how much work you have to do with the team, outside of the team, and all the planning for the season, for pre-season, and for every training session.

"As a player you show up half an hour before training and somebody tells you what to do. Then you go to the shower and go home."

Liverpool favourite Hyypia was among the names touted as a replacement for Kenny Dalglish before the club appointed Brendan Rodgers as a replacement.

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