Warnock: RDM gets full marks for tenure

Leeds manager Neil Warnock believes Roberto Di Matteo should be "absolutely delighted" to have achieved the success he had at Stamford Bridge.

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Di Matteo was sacked by the Blues on Wednesday just six months after winning the FA Cup and, for the first time in the club's history, the Champions League.

Rafael Benitez has been brought in until the end of the season as interim first team manager with the Blues expected to make a move for former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola, who is taking a year sabbatical, in the summer.

"I think I would be absolutely delighted if I were him (Di Matteo), because he was never going to be the manager," Warnock said.

"He's taken the job on and won the Champions League and the FA Cup, which nobody can take away from him.

"He's got a big pay-off and he can get on with his life. He was only part-time anyhow. To do what he's done is fantastic, I'm really pleased for him.

"You can't take what he's done away from him. A lot experienced managers have strived and will strive to do what he's done.

"I think it will almost be a relief for him now. He's had the cream so let them get on with the rest."

Fulham manager Martin Jol also did not feel much sympathy for Di Matteo.

"I feel it's hard, especially if the period is that short, but I think in a couple of months he will look back and be a happy man," he said.

"Roberto was at Chelsea, he won the Champions League, he won the FA Cup so he was very privileged that he was there.

"Now it is harsh because it is a short period but in a couple of months when he looks back he will feel privileged.

"There is always mixed feelings, you know? Guus Hiddink was there for three months and he won the FA Cup. I know him and I know he was happy afterwards.

"There are always two sides. It is always nice to be there, not nice to be sacked, but on the other hand they gave him the chance to win the FA Cup and Champions League so that's the other side."

Wigan boss Roberto Martinez believes Di Matteo should be proud of the success he brought to Stamford Bridge.

"You don't like managers losing their job but in this case, with Roberto Di Matteo, he can be a very proud man.

"To win the Champions League and the FA Cup - sometimes it can take a lifetime for a manager to do what he has achieved in a very short space of time. I think he can be extremely proud."

Stoke boss Tony Pulis believes the relationship owners and the manager is vital if the latter is to survive in his job.

"The big thing for me is the people in charge of football clubs - they are the people who hire and fire managers," he said.

"If you look at Sir Alex Ferguson and what the Glazers have done in backing him (at Manchester United), the board of directors at Arsenal and the way they have backed Arsene Wenger and the Everton situation with David Moyes and the chairman there, who have a fantastic relationship - it is such an important thing now.

"With the ebb and flow in football, you can be very good for a couple of weeks and very bad for a few weeks, and you need strength behind you.

"You need people who are going to stick behind you and be strong enough to do that, and understand what the game is all about. Nobody flushes through it straight away."

Former Chelsea number two Steve Clarke defended owner Roman Abramovich's hire-and-fire policy, although he admitted he was "surprised and disappointed" to see Di Matteo sacked.

He said: "I am surprised and disappointed for Robbie who is a good friend and you don't like to see your good friends lose their jobs.

"It is the way the owner runs the club. I don't think anyone should be over-surprised at it.

"They look at results, the owner makes decisions and they act on what they feel is the right thing to do for Chelsea.

"I've always said the owners of any club can run their business the way they want to run it."

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