Suarez insists he's not a diver

Ahead of Liverpool's crunch meeting with pace-setters Chelsea, striker Luis Suarez insisted that he does not dive and gave a few comments on Fernando Torres as well.

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The Uruguayan international has already scored seven goals from 10 league outings - more than half of his team's account - and has demonstrated sublime skill at times, most recently against Newcastle when he chested down a long ball and made a quick turn to score the leveller against Newcastle last week. 

However, he has also been in the limelight for the wrong reasons during his time in England. Aside from being embroiled in a race row last season, he has also developed a reputation for diving with many criticising him for a perceived tendency to fall to the ground on the slightest contact. 

Suarez does not feel that such criticism is justified, however, and pointed out that his playing style, relying on quick turns and flicks, often makes him vulnerable to wayward challenges. 

"I insist I don't dive in the penalty area," he was quoted as saying by the Sun. "This is my career and the bad reputation created around me is unjust.

"If you analyse the statistics I am one of the forwards who receives the most fouls and free kicks.

"There always seems to be controversy surrounding me but I accept the referee's decisions - they are only human.

"I accept the criticism against me but many people attack me without reason. That doesn't please me but I try to do my best day by day."

Suarez joined Liverpool in 2011 with Torres joining the Blues shortly afterwards in a record-breaking transfer. The Uruguayan saw Torres flounder in his debut as a Chelsea player as the Reds ran out 1-0 winners at Stamford Bridge with the Liverpool striker not even getting a chance to feature in the game. 

Since then, the two clubs have had dramatically differing fortunes as Liverpool could only manage an eighth-placed finish while Chelsea went on to win the FA Cup and Champions League last season. And in the current season, the west London outfit has again been the better side as they have won every Premier League match aside from a loss to Manchester United last month. 

But when comparing the two strikers, it can be said that Suarez has provided greater justification for his signing as he often has single-handedly championed the Reds' cause. 

Torres, for his part, is continuing to struggle to fit into the Chelsea tactical setup and looks bereft of confidence despite having started the season with much promise. 

And while the two have often been compared because of their focus on wanting to score goals through an application of their skills, as opposed to playing as poachers, Suarez himself feels they are different players altogether. 

"Torres is highly regarded by Liverpool fans but I prefer not to draw comparisons between us because we are a different type of forward.

"I am not envious of anything he did for Liverpool. Maybe we are similar in the way we battle against defenders and our passion is the same, but technically we are different." 

But the 25-year-old revealed that it's not all pure instinct that has enabled him to become such a menace inside the penalty box. While stating that he studies his opponents a great deal before games, he also specified his own personal target for the current season.

He explained: "I undergo many videos sessions to analyse characteristics in opposing defenders and goalkeepers.

"While it's difficult to suggest a goals target for the season if I score more than 20 goals I will be happy.

"My dream for this season is to make the top four. Our squad should be fighting against the biggest rivals in this division.

"Sunday's game with Chelsea is hard because they have been league leaders and are at home.

"But it's a challenge for Liverpool. We needs to improve our positions and this is the best moment to do it."

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