Gerrard criticises Everton tactics

Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has launched a scathing attack on the tactics employed by Everton in Sunday's Merseyside derby which ended in a 2-2 draw.

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Gerrard captained Liverpool in Sunday's pulsating game which saw the Toffees battle back from two goals down to claim a share of the spoils, although the Reds were controversially denied a stoppage time winner after striker Luis Suarez was wrongly adjudged to be in an offside position when he put the ball into the back of the net.

Unsurprisingly, Gerrard claims his side deserved more than just a point in the Merseyside derby, while also slamming Everton's style of play and claiming that the Reds were the only team attempting to play football that day.

"I feel sorry for our lads because I thought we were fantastic," Gerrard was quoted as saying by The Sun.

"Everton are effective because they have some big physical lads in the team and are very direct. 

"They are effective but the only team who tried to play football was us.

"Everton are not better than us and I thought we stood up to a team that are very similar to Stoke. Every single time they get the ball it comes in long.

"We had a young, small team but they were all men and stood together - and we deserved the win."

Suarez was one of the standout performers for Liverpool at Goodison Park on that day, and Gerrard believes the Uruguayan stepped up his game in response to Toffees manager David Moyes' criticism of the striker's history of simulation.

"He [Suarez] doesn't need Moyes to fire him up," Gerrard declared.

"But if people want to try to get in Luis' head and wind him up then it's the wrong thing to do.

"It seems to inspire him rather than go against him."

The England international further pointed out the irony that for all of Moyes' condemnation of diving, it was eventually one of the Everton players who was booked for simulation during the game.

"Neville badly let his manager down," Gerrard gloated.

"Moyes did every paper, radio station and TV channel talking about Suarez. 

"Then his captain, who is meant to set an example, blatantly dives."

Despite failing to pick up the win, Gerrard believes that the Reds can still take out several positives from the game, one of which was the performance of youngster Raheem Sterling.

"Sterling was fantastic and has been a revelation for us," Gerrard gushed.

"To be 17, away in a derby, in a cauldron of an atmosphere against a physical long-ball team - he was outstanding.

"You wonder whether the younger players have the bottle to play away against tough teams in tough situations, but he handled it superbly."

Liverpool will take on Newcastle at Anfield in their next Premier League fixture but will have to first contend with Swansea in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday.

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