Ferguson to cut down on travelling

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he will have to curb some of his travelling after his recent health scare.

Football News: Sir Alex Ferguson

The Manchester United manager was rushed to hospital after suffering a nose bleed during a function in Glasgow two months ago.

Although Ferguson was released shortly afterwards, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan expressed a belief the incident would make the Scot think carefully about extending his career beyond the coming season.

Others who know the 70-year-old well also expressed their concern.

Relaxing in the splendour of his Durban hotel during United's pre-season trip to South Africa, Ferguson looked fine and confirmed there was no problem with his heart, which must be a relief to someone who has had a pacemaker fitted.

However, after consulting with United's medical staff at the time, the Scot conceded he had been pushing himself too hard.

"I took too many flights that week," said Ferguson.

"It was a bit silly to be flying as much as I did. Belfast, Berlin, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast, Manchester, up to Glasgow. It was seven flights in five days.

"If you do a straight 12-hour flight to South Africa and back there wouldn't have been the same problem. But I was going up and down all the time.

"It's not as if it was anything to do with my heart but when the club doctor explained what he thought it seemed reasonable.

"We are all vulnerable to age aren't we? It doesn't come without penalties.

"Maybe that was a way of telling me to slow down a bit in terms of travelling."

Ferguson laughed when it was suggested someone who is regarded as indestructible due to his phenomenal workload had shown a normal human trait.

"Not many people will agree with you there," he said.

Ferdinand has followed Ryan Giggs down the path of using yoga to increase the suppleness of his body, which allowed him to play his highest number of games since 2008 last term.

However, the 33-year-old is also an advocate of another form of modern life which Ferguson just cannot get his head round.

"I don't understand it," said Ferguson, of the Twitter phenomenon.

"I can't understand why people can bother themselves with it, to be honest.

"But as long as he doesn't talk about the team - and he's well aware of that - then it's ok."

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