Marin enjoying Chelsea pre-season

Chelsea midfielder Marko Marin revealed that he is enjoying getting to train with the ball on a more regular basis in his first week at the club.

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The German winger joined the rest of the squad at pre-season training at Cobham and is learning to acclimatise to a new training regime, familiarising himself with his new team-mates as well as settling into a new city. But the early signs look promising and he was eager to share his experience with the club website. 

He was especially interested in remarking upon the difference in training methods within the Bundesliga and the Premier League. In his opinion, he feels that the coaches in England focus more on training players on how to keep possession and so has had more opportunities to train with the ball than he normally was used to doing in pre-season preparations with former side Werder Bremen. 

"The training is [of] a good intensity," Marin told a journalist. 

"I like the training here because we train most of the time with the ball. In Germany in pre-season we did more running without the ball.

"Sometimes we'd go out and run and you don't see the ball, but only in pre-season. We trained with the ball more during the season.

"It is also nice here to see how good the players are in the possession games with the ball. Everybody is a technically good player, and the training ground is something special. 

"In Germany you don't have a training ground like this, so huge where you can see the many pitches for the younger players too."

The presence of other Germany internationals in the league such as Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker has definitely helped him ease into his new surroundings. But as an ethnic Serb, he was especially happy to have met Branislav Ivanovic and renewed the friendship that developed when he faced the Serbia captain in the 2010 World Cup. 

"Of course I know Lukas Podolski, we have played together in the national team, but I played two years together with Per Mertesacker at Werder Bremen before he moved to Arsenal and I am in contact with him more than with Lukas," he stated of the two Germans. 

"Everybody knows that I was born in the ex-Yugoslavia so before and after the game I talked to the Serbian guys, and now when I knew that I was coming to Chelsea I phoned him [Ivanovic] and we talked a lot and now he is helping me a lot, mostly little things but it is good to have somebody here who talks in my language.

"It is really good to go together to dinner and we are lucky for restaurants here in London, but we didn't go for Serbian food yet!"

Marin will be part of the squad that will go and tour the United States in the coming month. The Blues have arranged friendlies against Seattle Sounders, Paris Saint-Germain, MLS All-Stars and AC Milan.

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