Dean: Tevez also at fault for Barton brawl

Referee Mike Dean has revealed he would have sent off Carlos Tevez if he had been afforded a full view of the clash between the striker and Joey Barton.

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Barton was on Wednesday handed a 12-match ban for his dismissal and violent reaction at the Etihad Stadium on May 13, when City beat QPR 3-2 to win their first league title for 44 years.

Today QPR said that Barton, now the subject of an investigation by his club following the incident, would not appeal against that decision.

Later, the Football Association published the full report by the independent regulatory commission into the case, which revealed Barton's ban was divided into a four-match ban for the dismissal for elbowing Tevez, given it was his second red card of the season, a five-match punishment for kicking out at Sergio Aguero, and a three-match punishment for attempting to headbutt Vincent Kompany.

Tevez appeared to strike out at Barton initially, and Dean, via video link, told the regulatory commission that it was a red-card offence which had gone unnoticed.

In the report, which is signed by commission chairman B.M Jones, it is stated that: "Mr Dean was questioned about the 'Tevez' incident for which Mr Barton was dismissed. It was confirmed that neither the referee nor the assistant saw the alleged incident of Mr Tevez striking Mr Barton although Mr Barton immediately made representations to Mr Dean that is what happened, and such comments by Mr Barton can be clearly seen in the video.

"The commission accept that Mr Barton was aggrieved by the action of Mr Tevez and Mr Dean confirmed that had the incident been seen by the officials as shown by the clip supplied by Mr Barton, it would have been an automatic red card.

"The commission find that this does not however excuse the subsequent action by Mr Barton in relation to Messrs Kompany or Aguero."

Barton receives strong criticism in the report for his assault on Aguero, which the commission, which included former Chelsea defender Paul Elliott, said could have caused "serious injury" to the player who went on to score the title-winning goal.

"The commission considered the 'Aguero' incident was a cold and calculated attack from behind Mr Aguero," the report states.

"It was deliberate and the absolute anger etched in Mr Barton's face, is most clearly seen in the videos. It was premeditated and without any provocation and could easily have caused Mr Aguero injury and maybe have put him out of the rest of the game.

"Fortunately he did not suffer any serious injury but he must have been taken very much by surprise and shocked which could have affected his game. The incident was watched by millions of people on television and Mr Barton really had no option other than to admit his guilt and he did so. No great credit can be, or was, given for the admission in this regard."

Barton admitted in the hearing that he had lied when recounting the circumstances of his dismissal on Twitter.

The report did not detail what aspect of his version Barton had invented.

One of his most significant post-match Twitter claims was that a fellow QPR player had suggested he should try to "take 1 of theirs with me" - meaning he should make an attempt to incite a City player to commit a red-card offence.

The report said: "With regard to the Tweets he admitted that he made inaccurate statements regarding the sending off and he appreciated now that he should not have tweeted to his one and a half million twitter followers as he did and which contained lies."

In his evidence, according to the commission report, Barton said that Joleon Lescott had told him "he would see him in the tunnel".

The report says that Barton "maintained that he was barged but was not sure by whom" during the melee which followed his dismissal and had felt an "injustice" being served against him on the pitch given that Tevez had struck the first blow.

Barton also told the commission that he thought Lescott may have pushed his head towards Kompany, but that explanation was rejected as "unconvincing".

Barton was handed his lengthy ban and a fine of £75,000 for his actions, and it remains to be determined what his fate will be at QPR.

The west London club said in a statement this evening: "Queens Park Rangers Football Club can confirm it has now started a full internal investigation in relation to Joey Barton's dismissal and subsequent events against Manchester City on the final day of the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League season.

"The QPR midfielder will not appeal against the independent regulatory commission's decision made on Wednesday and he and his team are now working in full cooperation with the club to assist in the internal investigation.

"The club expects the investigation to last at least two weeks.

"During this period, no one from the club or Joey Barton himself will make any further comment."

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