Di Matteo happy to win ugly

Roberto Di Matteo admitted he was not bothered if the FA Cup and Champions League finals were boring 1-0s - as long as it was 1-0 to Chelsea.

The loudest fan is over... there!

Caretaker Blues boss Di Matteo has been rewarded spectacularly for playing to his squad's strengths since replacing the sacked Andre Villas-Boas two months ago.

Unlike Villas-Boas, the Portuguese's former assistant has had no qualms about grinding out victories when necessary.

And while that may not chime with owner Roman Abramovich's desire to see `Barcelona in blue shirts`, it has proven mightily effective.

Throw in the extra tension of a cup final and it could be the best route to glory for Chelsea in the coming days.

Di Matteo said ahead of the FA Cup final with Liverpool: "Because it's a big game, nobody wants to lose, and there isn't really any chance to get back if you lose.

"It might be one like that, yeah.

"Two good teams and every game we've played against each other has been quite balanced."

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Asked if he would take a 1-0 win both on Saturday and in the Champions League final a fortnight later, he added: "I'd sign any day."

Chelsea have not exactly been dull under Di Matteo, winning their FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham 5-1 and thrashing QPR 6-1.

They also beat Napoli 4-1 in the Champions League, while their semi-final win over Barcelona could hardly be described as boring.

Di Matteo said: "I think we've scored a lot of goals, to be honest.

"Scoring goals, creating chances, it means you are playing in the right direction.

"But there is also time when you have to defend as a team. It can't be one-way.

"It's always better to win. If you can win with some attractive style, that's probably perfection.

"Maybe you should do a survey with the fans to see what they think about it.

"Winning is important. If you can do it with the way you think is best to win the games, it can entertain as well.

"People come to watch football to be entertained at times."

It may be dull on the pitch but it will certainly be lively off it.

There has long been enmity between Chelsea and Liverpool fans, not helped by the disgraceful disruption of a minute's silence by the former supporters for the Hillsborough disaster during last month's semi-finals.

It goes back further than that to when Abramovich first bought the Blues, with Liverpool supporters accusing them of buying their success and having no real history.

Di Matteo said: "There is a big rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool, yes.

"Our fans probably feel similar, if not the same, towards Liverpool."

He added: "Every time we play them, they play very well against us.

"They seem to raise their game against us. Because I guess they're playing against us. I've seen them playing against other teams, but they do their best against us."

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