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Arsenal's young startlet Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has stated that his remarkable composure in big games is down to his focus on just enjoying his football.

Football News: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The 18-year-old captured headlines earlier in the season with some impressive performances that belied his young age. Indeed, many called on manager Arsene Wenger to give the teenager an extended run in the first team and have even claimed that Oxlade-Chamberlain could play a part in EURO 2012. 

Very few players in the world have had such a good early start to their senior careers and many have built upon the opportunities provided to become world-famous stars. Lionel Messi played and impressed for Barcelona at the tender age of just 17 years and ten months.  

What has also impresed observers is the cool head on the youngster's shoulders as he has come onto the pitch in games against AC Milan and Manchester United and has made a seamless transition from the youth ranks. 

The winger believes that he does not get nervous during matches and he stays level-headed because he just takes the games where he is featured as an opportunity to play well. He does not let the pressure of the occasion get to him and just tells himself that "football is football". 

"I've played so many games of football now and even though it is at a higher level, at the end of the day football is football," Oxlade-Chamberlain told the club website. 

"You are just playing with better players."

"As soon as you feel comfortable and confident you just carry on as normal.

I felt comfortable in the Manchester United game because I thought we came out in the second half and played really well.

He also credits his composure as being down to the support he gets from his fellow team-mates. He takes heart in their good performances which inspires him to play harder and do better. 

"Playing in a team like Arsenal helps massively having all of these players around you giving you advice. 

"I can learn from all of them.

"When they are playing well, you feel comfortable and it helps you to play well too."

And the ex-Southampton player most admires Tomas Rosicky in the Arsenal squad as he believes himself to be in the mould of the Czech international. 

"Recently, I have been watching Tomas Rosicky because he's been outstanding," he said.

"Robin has taken most of the headlines and rightfully so with all of his fantastic goals but quietly I think Tomas has been playing absolutely amazing.

"I started my career as a central midfielder and the way that he gets the ball in midfield, turns and runs at people just makes things happen.

And the midfielder hopes that Arsenal's good run of matches recently will carry on and buoy them to a third-place finish by the end of the season. 

"We have had some really good wins [lately], away at Anfield, at home to Tottenham and Newcastle, and AC Milan too even though we didn't qualify.

"It drives you on to want more of that success."

Football fans, in general, are excited with the development of yet another Arsenal prodigy and so the pressure on Oxlade-Chamberlain will surely increase with each match. 

For now, however, he is enjoying his time at the Emirates Stadium and could be next seen in action against Everton on Wednesday night. 

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