Balotelli: Mancini is like a dad to me

Manchester City's enigmatic striker Mario Balotelli has revealed he works hard so that he will not disappoint his father-like manager Roberto Mancini.

Football News: Mario Balotelli

The controversial Balotelli has been in the headlines recently for both right and wrong reasons. His house was burnt after fireworks were set off in the bathroom, forcing him to stay in a hotel just a day before the derby clash with Manchester United.

The Italy striker then scored the opening two goals in the derby itself, sparking off his side's 6-1 destruction of their neighbours.

And immediately after the match, Balotelli endorsed a firework safety campaign ahead of the Bonfire night next month.

Football fans got a closer glimpse of the 20-year-old as he spoke to Manchester City's official website, answering the fans who posed him a series of questions via Twitter,

He started off by praising the squad, saying: "To be inside the stadium, on the pitch with all the people around you in a game like the United one is a great feeling.

"I feel I can get better every game I play."

Balotelli soon talked about his relationship with Mancini, whom he has worked with in his previous club, Inter Milan.

"It's good because when a manager wants you and has faith in you it is different to when just a club wants you," explained the controversial Italian, "When a manager wants you, he trusts you, so he gives you more chances."

"Mancini is like a dad to me. Mancini wants me so I have to be one of the best in the squad, so I don't disappoint him."

He then fielded questions about his favourites. Asked about his favourite moement with the club so far, Balotelli said without hesitation: "Winning the FA Cup, for sure."

The three-time Serie A winner spoke of what player he looked up to with his idol being a certain Ronaldo, but he was quick to emphasize he was from Brazil rather than Portugal.

"Ronaldo; the Brazilian one," he affirmed.

Despite it being his first against United and during such an historic match, Balotelli claimed his favourite goal for City was not his first in the derby, but either one of two against Aston Villa.

He concluded: "Aston Villa. The Aston Villa one from this year, or maybe even the one I got against Villa last year, when I was blonde."

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