Fernandes: Beckham not a pipe dream

QPR owner Tony Fernandes believes he can offer David Beckham the "love, care and attention" he requires.

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Fernandes is willing to provide Beckham with the route he needs, and to expand his global brand beyond that given his connections in the Far East where the 36-year-old is already a phenomenon.

The Malaysian entrepreneur believes Beckham has something to prove to himself with one last hurrah in the Barclays Premier League.

It is understood Fernandes has held talks with Beckham's advisors with regard to a move from Los Angeles Galaxy during the January transfer window.

The feedback is that Beckham would prefer Spurs or Arsenal if at all possible, although he has not ruled out QPR given Fernandes' long -term vision for the club.

Fernandes is adamant signing Beckham is not a pie-in-the-sky idea, but a realistic target as he attempts to cement QPR's future in the top flight beyond this season.

"If you look at the five signings we've made we have brought in people who have something to prove," said Lotus team principal Fernandes, speaking to Press Association Sport in Monza ahead of Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.

"Shaun Wright-Phillips still feels he can play for England; Joey Barton has a lot to prove; Anton Ferdinand, missing in action at Sunderland, but back in London, home town, things to prove.

"Then we've Luke Young who felt he was deserted early by (England manager Fabio) Capello, and (Armand) Traore was never given a chance at Arsenal by (Arsene) Wenger.

"So we've five new players, and Beckham fits into that mould because he wants to return and captain Britain at the Olympics.

"Environment, love, care and attention - we can offer that to him.

"I'm not sure it's for him, and I'm not sure it will fit him in January. Who knows?

"But I'm an ideas man, and he is an idea. He may not want it, he may want a bigger club. I hear (Spurs manager) Harry Redknapp has said he wants him.

"Ultimately, (manager) Neil (Warnock) has to feel comfortable, but who knows what can happen in January. We will have to wait and see.

"They (Beckham's advisors) want to talk because our vision is a long-term one, with lots of things David can do in Asia with me. It's something we have to work at."

Given his business portfolio - AirAsia, Team Lotus and QPR amongst other things - Fernandes is adamant he is not spreading himself or his resources too thinly.

"I don't think so. We have a business empire that we're looking to grow, to become a big brand," added Fernandes.

"Football is huge in my part of the world, much larger than in F1, which of course is a huge global sport.

"But each business has to stand on its own two feet and be self-sufficient.

"I have looked at each business and the resources required, and whether we can do it.

"And a football team and a Formula One team have many ways of collaborating and increasing the pie for each other, so I feel comfortable.

"The first thing I did when I bought the football club was appoint a CEO, and I don't need to be at each race I've other people to do that job for me.

"I'm around to give ideas, the big picture stuff. I'm not going to make the car go any faster."

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