Mourinho: Chelsea have a clear philosophy

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insisted that owner Roman Abramovich never pressured him into incorporating a more attractive style of football.

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Prior to Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge, reports indicated that Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola was Abramovich's first choice as Chelsea boss due to the Russian's desire for his side to play exciting, possession-based football the Spaniard was known for while in charge of Barcelona.

However, the Portuguese told The Daily Mail that he had come to an understanding with Abravmovich regarding an efficient, attacking style that was more suited to the Blues.

"We have the players but we play (in) a different league. And I remember I said a few years ago: my Chelsea 2004-06, wouldn't win the Scudetto, my Inter wouldn't win the Premier League, my Chelsea wouldn't win La Liga, my Real Madrid wouldn't win the Premier League, my Real Madrid wouldn't win the Scudetto," Mourinho explained.

"This is about the football culture, the culture of the opponents and the differences between the characteristics and the qualities of every league. So when people see a kind of football and think that it can succeed in the Premier League: wrong. Or, a very successful Premier League team that can go to Spain, and dominate that league: wrong. Everyone has ideas. But the characteristics of the league is a big limitation for a certain kind of football."

"The owner never spoke to me about this. The owner always spoke to me on the same lines that I am saying: we want to play well, we want to play good football, we want to win matches, we want to play every match to win, we want to be considered an attacking team. That's what I want, that's what he wants, that's what I believe every fan wants."

"So it's not about style. I think it's more about mentality, more about philosophy, it's more about approach. And we go for that and after that, with quality or players we have, with the type of player we have, especially the three players behind the strikers and in front of the midfield players, we have to go for that."

Citing the importance of having a balanced style of play, Mourinho considered it important for his team to know exactly what was required to win each game.

"But the qualities of our strikers, they are not really the people to play with the ball at their feet, they are not players to drop back and go into midfield like Messi does, like Benzema does, Rooney does, Eto'o does, Milito does. So we have to play with the qualities of the players but our philosophy is very very clear," he stated.

"We don't want to go to a stadium and be defensive for 89 minutes and wait for a chance and then score a goal and win 1-0 and go home happy. That is not our philosophy. Our philosophy is to try to be dominant every game knowing that when we play against good teams, we have to defend."

"And we have to be defensive some times, not because we want but because the opponent push this far up. And for that, I want my team to know how to react. Some teams they have this attacking philosophy and when they come, by the circumstances of the game, defensive they are in big trouble and they collapse. And you have some in your country."

"When you are in trouble, when the opponent is better than you at a certain period of the game, you have to understand that and be a good defensive team. But our philosophy is clear. We want to attack."

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