Iniesta: Barca cannot play differently

Barcelona's Andres Iniesta does not foresee his team changing their style of play in the future.

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The Catalan side became synonymous with possession football under former manager Pep Guardiola, and the tiki-taka style brought Barcelona a total of 14 trophies during the Spaniard's time in charge.

However, sides like Chelsea and recently Celtic have managed to frustrate the team in the Champions League by sitting deep and soaking up the pressure generated, prompting criticism that Barcelona lacked a back-up plan. 

Speaking to the Guardian, Iniesta explained that it was unrealistic to expect the Catalan side to emerge victorious in all their encounters and their insistence on their characteristic style was based on a belief in its merits.

"It's not that now we are saying football is a science and playing this way you will always win, the other thing is that we play the way we do because it suits us. We don't have the players to pull it off playing a different way," he shared.

"People talk about 'pragmatic' football; well, for us, this is pragmatic. It's the way we like to play and it's the way we believe we have the best chance of winning."

The midfielder also acknowledged that other styles of play could prove equally sucessful, but such forms were not applicable to Barcelona.

"The football that Spain and Barcelona play is not the only kind of football there is. Counterattacking football, for example, has just as much merit," Iniesta stated.

"The way Barcelona play and the way Spain play isn't the only way. Different styles make this such a wonderful sport. But what we do is not easy, either."

Barcelona welcome Real Zaragoza for their La Liga encounter this weekend.

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