BPL Chief defends commission absence

Chief executive Richard Scudamore has defended the decision of the Premier League not to sit on the FA's panel to improve the prospects of the England team.

Richard Scudamore

A commission was set up in October by FA chairman Greg Dyke tasked with identifying ways to improve the fortunes of the national team, but the Premier League decided against taking a seat, something Dyke described at the time as 'disappointing'.

But Scudamore feels the Premier League, which has its own Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) aimed at improving youth development, is better assisting the panel from afar.

"I don't need to go and sit around," he told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme.

"They are spending an awful amount of time working out what the EPPP is doing, we know already what is going on.

"It is far more valuable that the commissioners bring a new and independent view to this. By definition we are going to be hugely protective and defensive of our youth plans.

"The commission will come up with their outcomes and they have seen 10 of our clubs and have spoken to us - we are heavily involved in it and hugely committed to the outcomes.

"The Elite Player Performance Plan, together with what Dan Ashworth is doing at the Football Association, those two things combined are what will deliver our increased home-grown players and therefore increase the fortunes of the England team."

Scudamore revealed he had not been personally asked to sit on the panel and that it was the decision of the 20 Premier League clubs not to be involved at such a level.

"I wasn't asked to go on the commission," he said.

"We have 20 clubs and we sit around in the meeting and we discussed this and how we want to be involved in the commission would have been up to the clubs - I represent them.

"The clubs felt very strongly about the way the commission got started, the clubs wanted to co-operate fully and be involved in it.

"That is the way it has fallen, we are not going to alter that now. We are three months down the road and we are looking forward to seeing what the outputs are and dealing with it accordingly.

"Greg Dyke knows the door is open and he can talk to me at any point, and he does.

"Greg Dyke is running this and he will run it in the way he wants to - there has been a great reaction from the commission about what is already going on in terms of the EPPP.

"We will play whatever part we are asked to play because we think it is one of the most important things we are doing."

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