England band vow to play on at World Cup

The England Supporters' Band have vowed to play on in Brazil next summer despite World Cup organisers banning musical instruments from the stadiums.

England Band vow to play at World Cup

World Cup managing director Ron DelMont said at a press conference in Salvador this week: "Brazil doesn't need instruments to enhance what you are going to experience in the stadium."

But England band member John Hemmingham insists such statements are par for the course and remains confident the ruling will be eased to enable his six-strong brass band to provide a backdrop to England's World Cup bid.

Hemmingham said: "Instruments are banned from most grounds including Wembley, but we have got a fantastic relationship with the Football Association and I'm sure they will be doing their best to help us on this particular occasion.

"Obviously you can't have everybody bringing a drum into the stadium or it would be chaos, but we're all about creating a happy atmosphere and I'm sure when organisers realise this we will be all right."

The band were initially banned from backing England at Euro 2012 but tournament officials relented after the FA stepped in.

Hemmingham added: "We're fans first and foremost so we will be there regardless. We have not missed a game since 1996. We would never miss the match but if we were not allowed in we would still be there to create a great atmosphere outside the stadium."


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