Stuttgart director frustrated with ref display

Stuttgart's director of sport Fredi Bobic believes additional referees in European matches should be scrapped after his side were denied what he felt was a clear penalty.

Football News: Christian Gentner of Stuttgart

Bobic was angry the official behind the goalline did not see a foul which he claimed to have seen from the Stuttgart bench when, instead, Stuttgart's Tunay Torun was booked for diving.

"Why would a player dive in that situation?" he asked. "All he has to do is knock the ball in.

"I am sick of the Mickey Mice behind the goals. They are stood one yard away from a clear penalty and just look on stupidly, yet our player gets a yellow card.

"You can forget it - UEFA should save their money. Soon, we are going to need a minibus to transport all of the referees."

Stuttgart drew the game 0-0 and now have a mountain to climb if they are to reach the knockout stage of the Europa League but coach Bruno Labbadia has not given up hope altogether.

"We can beat all three of our opponents," he told reporters. "We can still make it into the knockout stage.

"It is very frustrating we did not get a penalty for the incident with Torun, all we were lacking was a way to open the game up."

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