AVB: We lost control of the game

Tottenham coach Andre Villas-Boas admitted that his side were physically outmatched and lost control of the game in the second half of the 1-1 draw against Panathinaikos.

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By ESPNSTAR.com staff

Spurs looked in control taking a 1-0 lead into half time after Michael Dawson scored on the 36th minute but failed to kill off the game despite a host of chances going their way. The London side were made to pay with a lethargic performance in the second half when Toche equalised for Panathinaikos by outracing Dawson and slotting the ball past Hugo Lloris.

Villas-Boas conceded that his side were struggling physically in the second half and rued their inability to kill the game off.

"I think we felt a little bit strained physically in the second half, and we lost control of the game, control of our possession, and we weren't so steady with the ball as we were in the first half, and always gave Panathinaikos that feeling that they could get something out of the game," he told ITV after the game.

"It is a pity, obviously, because the game in the first half looked under our control, but I think maybe physically it took its toll in the second half and that's why we conceded late."

When asked whether he feels that it was a point earned or two points dropped, the Portuguese felt that a win was always within their grasp.

He added: "We wanted to win obviously, I think you score the second and it's end of story. Obviously we are disappointed with the result, there's no denying that."

Tottenham now have two points in Group J after their draw against Lazio in the previous round of fixtures and Spurs midfielder Clint Dempsey felt that they should have more to show for their efforts.

"It was disappointing just to get the one point; we would have liked to have come away with all three," he told UEFA's official website, "We have our work cut out a bit now with just the two points from two games, but there is still time left and we are looking forward to the next games. 

"We'll keep working hard and try to get positive results but we definitely need to get some wins sooner or later. It's frustrating to concede so late in the game but we will look forward."

Their next Europa League fixture will be an away match against Slovenian side Maribor.

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