Redknapp: England need a Pirlo

Harry Redknapp believes England sorely missed an Andrea Pirlo type player in the squad during Sunday's penalty shoot-out defeat to Italy at Euro 2012.

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Italy eliminated England 4-2 in the shoot-out after a 0-0 draw in regulation and extra time.

It was a match that the former Tottenham boss could not help but comment on how his beloved Three Lions were outplayed by the Italians who were led to the semi-finals of the tournament by their midfield maestro Pirlo.

Redknapp wrote in his column in The Sun: "We must learn a lesson from this and do our utmost to produce an Andrea Pirlo of our own.

"Let's be fair to ourselves and the Italians and admit it'd have been an injustice had we won. They were by far the better team even though there is no one more patriotic than me.

"I am pinning a lot of hope on the new St George's Park development centre and on coaches at every level in England.

"We must get our kids to play, play, play. Realise it's not all about being strong, big or fast.

"Look at Pirlo against England - he had no pace, strength and he's ancient. But what a fabulous display."

Redknapp also hinted that England may already have a ready-made solution in Jack Wilshere. The Arsenal youngster missed out on England manager Roy Hodgson's Euro squad because of injuries and a lack of match fitness.

He wrote: "Strangely it was the absence of Jack Wilshere which was felt most keenly [by England]. He can be our Pirlo.

"He's the type of player I'm talking about who doesn't rely on strength or speed - he's a genuine footballer.

"I am reminded of when Clarence Seedorf came to Tottenham a couple of years ago with AC Milan in the Champions League.

"He was then 35 or 36 years old and we won and went through but boy did he play well, did he have a magnificent football brain which is ageless.

"When players like Luka Modric, Eyal Berkovic and the like are on form they are match changers. It's been a problem for us for the last 30 years - it's why we [England] haven't won anything."

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