Capello ready to learn from 2010 mistakes

Fabio Capello has vowed to do things differently, but is fully aware every decision he takes at Euro 2012 will be judged on whether his side win or lose.

2010 World Cup

But the England coach is fully aware every decision he takes at Euro 2012 will be judged on whether his side win or lose.

In South Africa last summer, Capello was condemned for his choice of base, the Rustenburg complex deemed to remote to keep notoriously fidgety players occupied.

So, next year, they will inhabit a plush city centre boutique hotel in the attractive surrounds of Krakow.

Last time around, it seemed any excursion from camp was frowned upon. At Euro 2012 England's players will be free to wander. They might even encounter some real members of the Polish public.

It all seems like rather a good idea, with even fears over the huge amount of travelling time now required eased by the decisions of both Germany and Holland to stick with locations in Poland even though all their group matches are also being played in Ukraine.

Yet Capello has always believed such matters are of little concern, until, of course, reasons are required for failure.

"Look," he said. "The relaxing thing is when you win.

"I saw what happened (to the rugby players) in New Zealand - a lot of relaxing.

"If you find the key to win then everything is perfect. Everything is good. If you lose, everything is boring, the security (is too much), you're tired - everything is a problem."

It is why Capello is embracing the prospect of having to fly into Donetsk and Kiev for group games.

In actual fact, the flight times to these places are less than the road journeys that would have been required to Wroclaw and Warsaw if England had been pitched into the more favourable Pot A.

It is also the reason why, whilst committed to reducing the preparation time, which he accepts was too much ahead of the World Cup after what was a typically gruelling domestic campaign, Capello will take his players away for a few days, just as he did last year when they headed for the hills in Austria.

There is no altitude issue requiring acclimatisation. This time it is the heat.

So, instead of Irdning, England will be muscling in on territory more familiar with the package holiday fraternity, in Marbella.

"We will go to Marbella for five or six days," he said.

"It's very nice. We needed to find a warm place, where we can work as a group and there are no problems for training.

"I know facilities very well because it is the place where Fiorentina train, Bayern Munich went there for a long time.

"There are also three good training pitches - that is why I picked it."

Senior FA figures began plotting England's progress almost as soon as the draw had been completed in Kiev on Friday.

Two friendlies are set to be arranged, one at Wembley, the other away from home, although the potential for a much-touted first visit to Dublin since the abandoned match in 1995 hinges on whether UEFA relax their stance on competing countries not facing each other within 30 days of the tournament's opening fixture.

"We need to prepare everything," said Capello.

"We need to study when we need to go to Spain and when we need to play the friendly games. I have time to decide."

Capello will have plenty of time on his hands once Wayne Rooney's disciplinary hearing is out of the way on Thursday.

Almost two months will pass before he works with his players again, ahead of the February 29 friendly with Holland at Wembley, nearly three more before his squad gather for final preparations.

And, as he found out last year, for all the promise of the autumn wins over Spain and Sweden, Capello cannot be certain what he will encounter by then.

"I hope my players will get time to recover their energies," he said.

"But I need to wait to see what situation the players arrive at the end of the season in.

"I can't speak about that now.

"If, for instance, two English clubs play the final of the Champions League then (it changes things)... you understand?"

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