Neville: Ronaldo will outshine City

Manchester United legend Gary Neville expects all eyes to be on Cristiano Ronaldo when Real Madrid take on Manchester City in their Champions League Group D clash.

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Premier League champions City retain a mathematical chance of qualifying for the next round of the Champions League, as victories in their last two games would see them sneak into the knockout stages.

Presenting the club's first challenge are Cristiano Ronaldo and his Real Madrid team-mates, who are due to visit the Etihad Stadium for their upcoming game.

Although City will need all the home support they can get when taking on Jose Mourinho's team, Neville is expecting Ronaldo's talents to draw most of the attention.

"While he may receive the kind of stick reserved for former United players, everyone in that stadium, including me, will be thinking: 'I'm watching Cristiano Ronaldo tonight [Wednesday]'." he stated.

"He has helped to redefine the game by creating a new breed of flexible forward."

The former full-back confessed to watching Ronaldo's career with great interest since the Portugese departed Old Trafford for the Santiago Bernabeu, and Neville marvelled at how well Ronaldo has managed to merge his personal desire for glory together with the aims of his team.

"He was always fascinated with becoming the best player in the world. You would always say individual honours aren't important but, to Ronaldo, they were," he explained.

"He showed it is possible to accommodate that kind of individual ambition within a team and marry the two together."

Real Madrid travel to Manchester City for their Champions League Group D game on Wednesday.

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