Wenger rues injury-plagued season

Arsenal's defensive options were decimated by Laurent Koscielny's injury ahead of their UEFA Champions League clash against Olympiakos.

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According to reports in the Daily Mail, manager Arsene Wenger admitted that his side would be missing the defender, Theo Walcott and Gervinho for the crucial match, and will partner central defender Alexandre Song with Per Mertesacker in a makeshift central defence.

With the injury list piling up at the treatment room in the Emirates, Wenger admitted that the situation was becoming difficult to handle, especially if more players got injured.

"Throughout the season, certainly not,' he admitted. "You cannot go through the season with nine injuries. But three are very short term."

The Frenchman admitted that the rush of games since the season started has affected the quality of the Gunners' performances.

Wenger sighed: "We paid a heavy price in the Premier League for the quality of our performances in the Champions League.

"We played Liverpool after having played Udinese (at home) and we played Manchester United after having played at Udinese, a game that was terrible because it was 33 degrees at night.

"It was unbelievably hot. We had to give everything, we lost three or four players in that game and we had to go to Manchester United. And after Dortmund we went to Blackburn. So we had the bad luck to play twice away after the Champions League, and it's difficult for everybody."

Wenger was frustrated at the length of Jack Wilshere's recovery, and revealed the latest about his condition.

"He will be 12 weeks in a boot and after that it is rehab," he said.

"Twelve weeks brings us to around Christmas. If all goes well, you would think he will be fit again to play in half the time you are in the boot - six weeks. Count 10 to be closer to the truth, so it's 22 weeks."

The Arsenal manager did not blame the Gunner's pre-season tour in Asia for aggrevating Wilshere's injury.

"We made a scan before we left and it was all right. This crack in the bone became worse and worse. It didn't heal because there is no blood supply so it doesn't glue together any more. We had to put a screw in.

"When you see the scan it looks like a little hole in the bone. We needed to screw that together because it would not heal. When he was in the boot it did not get better, it can be worse.", he concluded.

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