Nuremberg vs Greuther Furth Preview

The oldest derby in German football is ready for its 256th rendition on Sunday, yet it could be the last for a while.

Nuremberg got their tactics spot on.

Nuremberg and Furth, neighbours in the Franconian region of Bavaria, first met in 1902, but with Furth's relegation to the second division close to being confirmed, they may have to wait for derby number 257 in these parts.

And Nuremberg could take extra satisfaction out of being the side to send Furth down at the Frankenstadion.

"It's a game which moves the whole region," said Nuremberg coach Michael Wiesinger.

"We don't have to stress how important this game is. But the league table is not an issue for us.

"I don't think there is anybody in the team who will be underestimating our opponents.

"Furth have picked up 11 of their 15 points away from home and have often lost out to nuances.

"We are the favourites and we have got to play like that."

According to Furth coach Frank Kramer, the pressure is equal on both sides, regardless of the fact that his side would technically, albeit not mathematically due to goal difference, be relegated with a defeat.

"Nobody likes to lose a derby," he said to the Nuremberger Nachrichten newspaper.

With that in mind, he is expecting to witness one of the best performances from his side this season with a high degree of motivation.

"Anybody who cannot motivate themselves for this game should change jobs," he said.

"However, the difficulty can sometimes be to make this attitude clear on the field."

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