Heynckes accused of tapping up Bender

Bayer Leverkusen general manager Wolfgang Holzhauser has accused Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes of tapping up Lars Bender after speaking highly of him last week.

Football News: Lars Bender, Germany


At the end of Bayern's week-long training camp in Trentino, Heynckes said at a press conference that he had sent a text message to Bender during Euro 2012, congratulating him on his goal for Germany against Denmark.

"Maybe something will come out of it," he added with a grin, but Holzhauser has found nothing to smile about in his remarks.

"I don't want any bother with Bayern, but I am annoyed and very bemused that Jupp Heynckes has indirectly brought the Bender issue up in public," he said.

According to Holzhauser, Bayern made an official approach for the Germany international last week, but this was rejected "immediately" with the two clubs "agreeing not to make the issue public".

The secret is now out, though, and Holzhauser has pointed the finger at his club's former coach for the text message.

"I am astonished that Jupp is suddenly able to write text messages," added Holzhauser in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.


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