Standing terraces to remain in stadiums

Standing terraces will remain a fixture in German grounds after a security summit of all professional football clubs in Frankfurt.

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The German Football Association (DFB) and German Football League (DFL) invited representatives of all clubs in the top three tiers of German football for discussions on the best way to deal with the issue of crowd violence, which has been on the increase.

The use of pyrotechnic devices is becoming a serious issue while violence outside grounds has also started to escalate with several incidents reported last season.

Eradicating standing areas was one suggestion to deal with the problems, but the clubs have unanimously decided against that proposal.

"German football is a model of success and it should remain that way in the future," said DFL president Dr Reinhard Rauball in a statement.

"We can be proud of our fan culture of standing terraces, which is steeped in tradition, and moderate ticket prices.

"We want to protect this situation."

Stricter punishments will be introduced and it will now be up to the individual clubs to identify and sanction any troublemakers within their own grounds.

Anybody seen lighting flares or fireworks can now be banned from attending any future matches and blocked from buying tickets.

The captains of each club will read out a statement before the first matches of the upcoming season reminding the fans of their own responsibilities and that violence and pyrotechnics will not be tolerated.

"Anybody who is in favour of football is against violence," said DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach.

"The huge masses of peaceful fans should be able to succeed over the small groups intent on disturbing things by being violent.

"Zero tolerance for any form of violence will remain our way forwards."

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