St-Pierre unlikely to defend middleweight belt due to health concerns

Georges St-Pierre seems unwilling to commit to the diet that is required for him to be a middleweight fighter and so there is every chance he will vacate the belt he took from Michael Bisping without a single defence.

UFC President Dana White said several days ago he would be “super pissed” if St-Pierre doesn’t defend his title against interim 185-pound champ Robert Whittaker.

However, it seems as if that will be the case.

St-Pierre, naturally a welterweight, is currently struggling with a bowel disease called ulcerative colitis which is believed to have come about as a result of his attempts to pick-up weight for the Bisping fight.

With that in mind, the 36-year-old seems reluctant to put himself through that again and is also of the opinion that his metabolism and physique are simply not suited to operating at 185 pounds.

“I’m not sure if I will compete if I will go back to 185,” St-Pierre told TSN in Canada.

“I don’t think so. I did what I did; I learned from my mistakes. I don’t think it’s a good thing to do, to force myself to eat to gain muscle mass.

“I’ve always been against performance-enhancing drugs, and I did it the natural way. There’s no easy way. I did it the hard way.

“It was to gain weight and to maintain my muscle mass and it was very hard and it was not healthy.

“I think the body has a natural weight that it can perform at its best athletic ability. For me, the weight I have now is my perfect weight.”

UFC 221 in Perth is now just two months away and Whittaker is still without an opponent. If not St-Pierre, then who?